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01633 840 258

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The Rules Of The Game

By Angela

Be patient
Be understanding
Don’t give into his demanding
Be strong enough to walk away
If it’s that good you will want to stay
When it comes to sex an’ you can’t say no
Because in your heart you want to go
They talk you round and
your back on the ground.


By Angela

I met some people the other day
We all had so much to say
We have been taught to keep it behind closed doors
We talk about what we do day to day
To keep all those bad things away.


Gallery - Some people who have been helped by Newport Women's Aid have written                     poetry to describe their experiences and as a "thank you" to staff.

Please Love Me

By Helen

I only wanted him to love me back
To really love me, as I loved him.
He gave me plenty of attention but
Not the kind you long for or dream about,
More the kind that nightmares are made of.

But… I returned for more of the same,
Time and time and time again,
Clutching, grabbing, for a happy life,
The normal family thing.

I thought I could change him,
That he cared that much,
I was wrong, a bad joke
And back within his clutch.

I wish, I’d learnt much sooner and spared us all the pain
Because he didn’t help show my kids I love them
And that we weren’t to blame,
And he certainly didn’t give us the chance to move and start again,
You did.  
Thank you Women’s Aid.

The mosaic was created by women and children who receive support from Newport Women's Aid. This was made possible with the help of artist Stephanie Roberts.

Click to see larger image - Untitled Click to see larger image - Untitled Click to see larger image - Mosaic created by women and children

Untitled Mixed media

Untitled Mixed media

Click to see larger image - House of Words

House of Words
Mixed media

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Art work made by people who have been helped by Newport Women’s Aid.

Beautiful paintings by Debbie, displayed in our Information Centre.