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Phone: 01633 840 258
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01633 840 258

Newport Women's Aid Ltd
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Incredible Years - Confident & Nurturing Families Project in partnership with Barnardos

This is a Parenting Programme aimed at babies and children 0 – 12 years. The programme, which is founded on social learning theory, aims to: promote positive parenting, improve parent-child relationships, reduce critical and physical discipline and increase the use of positive strategies, help parents to identify social learning theory principles for managing behaviour, improve home-school relationships.

Engagement workers within the Confident and Nurturing Families Project have a background in supporting families where they have difficulties with parenting or relationship issues. Recognising the impact that these issues have upon parenting and family relationships and how it can isolate families, workers are well equipped to engage with parents enabling them to access support.

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Listening Service

Freedom Programme

Recovery Toolkit

Hands Off

S.T.A.R (Safety, Trust
and Respect) Young People

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Nurturing Programme